First release now available: Jimmy Jetpack!

Looks great on every device
  • Easy one touch control
  • Unlock different areas
  • Compete with your friends
  • Available for Android & iOS

5/5 "Cool variation on Flappy Bird, Simple, Addictive and with tree levels!"

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Jimmy Jetpack

Enjoy the newest Touch 'n Fly game: Jimmy Jetpack. Keep Jimmy in the air and guide him between different exciting worlds. Beat the high score of your friends and be the one and only Jimmy Jetpack.

  • Easy one touch control: tap to keep Jimmy airborne
  • Dodge different objects
  • Reach Bronze, Silver and Gold medals
  • Unlock different areas like:
    • the sandy Cactus Clash
    • the cold Icy Island
    • hidden underwater world
  • Compete with your (facebook) friends

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